4D Ultrasound

See Your Baby's Face Now With A 4D Ultrasound

As an expecting mama, you love getting your OB ultrasound and seeing a glimpse of your little baby, just waiting to meet you. While every OB ultrasound is exciting, many moms want a clearer picture of their baby. This is where a 4D ultrasound can be helpful.


A 4D ultrasound allows you to see your baby's face and movements in utero. To create a 4D ultrasound, our technicians use the same ultrasound tool you would use for a 3D ultrasound. The images are compiled quickly by a computer to create a live-action video that allows you to see your baby moving in the womb.


A 4D ultrasound can be a great way to remember your pregnancy and can be fun to share with your child when they're older. Pictures from OB ultrasounds are great, but the photo paper used to print these pictures tends to fade over time. When you choose a 4D ultrasound, you'll get a video file that you can transfer to your phone or computer for safekeeping, preserving the memory of the time before your child joins you.


If you're thinking about getting a 4D ultrasound, we're excited to share the special moments of watching your baby move and play in utero with you. Give us a call at Precious Memories 4D Ultrasound to learn more about whether a 4D ultrasound video is a good fit for you and your growing family.

Image by Christian Bowen