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Five Fun Ways To Connect With Your Partner Before Baby Arrives, Including Pregnancy Photography

You're pregnant - how exciting! As you progress through your pregnancy, you'll marvel at watching your belly grow day by day. While being a mama certainly has its tough points (even before the baby is born!) you get the chance to connect with your child in a special, unique way, as you feel them kick and hiccup before they're born. It's important to connect with your partner and help them to feel like they're a part of the process, even though they don't get to experience the same type of bond that you have with your baby before they're born. Let's take a look at five different ways to connect with your partner so they can feel like they're a part of the pregnancy too.


  • Get packing. Your partner will likely be joining you at the hospital when you have your little one, so ask them to pack for both of you. Allowing them to get in on the prep process can take away some of your anxiety, and can help them wrap their head around the fact that the baby is on his or her way.

  • Get their input. Your decisions are your own but don't be afraid to ask your partner to do some research on different pregnancy topics, such as safe foods or whether you can continue with your workout routine. Your partner will appreciate being a part of the process, and the research will be one less thing you have to do as you prepare for the baby's arrival.

  • Go on a babymoon - and don't hold back on pampering. A babymoon is a popular vacation or weekend away for new first-time parents to enjoy some time together as a couple. If you decide to go on a babymoon, ask your partner to indulge in some pampering with you. While you're the one doing the hard work of growing a baby, your partner is likely going through some mental stress that comes with becoming a new parent. Ask your partner to join you for a massage, pedicure, or yoga class.

  • Get a pregnancy ultrasound. Bring your partner with you to a pregnancy photography center for a chance to do a pregnancy ultrasound. They'll get to see your baby clearly with pregnancy photography, and they'll feel connected to the adorable little face they see on the screen.

  • Work on the nursery together. As you prepare a space for your baby, you'll be able to discuss hopes, fears, and dreams for your little one, all while creating the perfect place for them to rest.

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Image by Kelly Sikkema