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    Get a 3 Dimensional Image of Your Baby with a 3D Pregnancy Ultrasound

    3D Pregnancy Ultrasounds show three-dimensional static images of the inside of your body and provide you with a 3-Dimensional Image of your new baby girl or boy. In addition to giving you a precious image of your baby, these exams may be used to locate hard-to-find tumors or diagnose cancers more quickly. 3D ultrasounds gather data that can be divided and viewed from different angles, giving doctors a better understanding of the abnormal tumor before they are in the operating room.

    3D Pregnancy Ultrasounds usually take about 15 to 20 minutes and the image is produced by piecing together multiple 2D images taken at different angles. Many parents enjoy 3D images because they feel like they can see what their baby looks like with a more defined and clear 3D image versus the standard flat 2D images you might typically see.

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See Your New Baby’s Face with a 3D Pregnancy Ultrasound

New Parents Love our 3D Pregnancy Ultrasounds from Precious Memories. Our process will allow you to see an image of your new baby’s face and all his, or her beautiful features. 3D ultrasound images are static photos of your baby’s face. At Precious Memories, we have had the honor of sharing this special time with thousands of our neighbors throughout Humble and Atascocita and we look forward to sharing this moment with you.

Ultrasounds have advanced by leaps and bounds beyond those grainy, indecipherable images of the past. 3D ultrasounds give you a much clearer and sharper look at your baby—and you'll even get and hint at whether your little one has your nose…

What is a 3D Pregnancy Ultrasound?

Similar to their two-dimensional counterparts, 3D Pregnancy Ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves and imaging software to create images of your baby’s soft tissues, organs, and other anatomy. But 3D ultrasounds produce much sharper, clearer images of your new baby. 3D technology has vastly improved the quality of ultrasound imaging and provides a realistic and more photo-like image for new parents.

A 3D ultrasound is performed like any other ultrasound. Our trained technician will rub gel on your belly and move a transducer across the area. The transducer directs the sound waves toward your uterus and the baby inside it, giving you a clear picture of your developing baby.

Call us to learn more or book your experience today, we look forward to meeting you and your new baby.

What’s Involved in a 3D Pregnancy Ultrasound?

Having a 3D Pregnancy Ultrasound is not such a different process to having a 2D ultrasound, at least for the mother. However, although the procedures are much the same, they use very different levels of technology to provide very different images.

A 3D ultrasound takes thousands of pictures or photos of the baby at one time. These are then translated by computer into 3 dimensional images which are almost as clear as a real-life photograph. These “still” pictures of your baby mean that you can see your baby in three dimensions, rather than two.

There is a depth and shape to a 3D ultrasound image, giving it clarity, something that is not as evident in a 2D ultrasound image. This is because a 2D ultrasounds see through the baby to its internal organs and tissues, whereas a 3D or 4D ultrasound will show the baby’s skin creating a more realistic shape and form to the images. This is particularly clear when looking at the baby’s face and delicate features.

With 3D ultrasounds, both the transducer used to transmit the sound waves and the computer software are more advanced and complex. Therefore a 3D ultrasound is more expensive and generally not included in standard obstetric practice.